- The CDT -

The Continental Divide Trail, better know as the CDT, is another long trail spanning from the border of Mexico into Canada, along the Continental Divide. It meanders through 5 states including New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. It is closer to 3000 miles, and unlike the PCT, is not one continuous trail. Much more route finding, compass reading, and map pondering is required to hike the CDT.  There is no 'purist' way to hike the  CDT unlike the PCT where there is a demographic of hiker that make a point to hike every single step of the PCT (no flips, skips, or slackpacks.) The CDT is still in the infancy stages of becoming protected from one end to the next, and at several points of the trail, you sort of choose your own route. There is no 'defined' way to go, just keep heading North, or South, depending on which way you are headed. It is fairly common for some hikers to set out Southbound on the CDT, while that isn't too common on the PCT. However, most people that hike the CDT, still choose to do so Northbound, braving the deserts and heat of New Mexico in spring.

More info here at the website for the CDT-C.

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