Do You Wanna Help??
There are many ways you can help me if you feel inclined to do so. I do not expect help from anyone, but the passion and excitement some people display when I explain to them what I am doing shows me there are lots of people out there that want to help JUST BECAUSE.  If this is you, just stay tuned. I will let you know to the best of my ability where I am, and where I will be, so if you want to send me a care package, you know exactly how to do so. Things that are great in care packages are mountain house dinners, slim jims, cookies/cakes/candy. anything unhealthy and high in calories is always nice. And like I said, I will be updating with a list of things I could use for those who are looking for stuff to send but don't have an idea of what. And I also take Pay Pal donations, if you just want me to eat a warm meal on you, you  have the option of sending me as little or as much as you would like. I will be forever thankful.

I AM currently looking for sponsors!!! I am realizing that this website will get a lot of viewers, because the counter on the side is adding up faster than I could have ever expected.  I have a lot of people I communicate with in the hiking world on a daily basis, and since i am the founder of NOR*CAL HIKERS, and a Facebook group that currently has over 100 members who will be updated regularly as I hike the PCT in 2012, it would be beneficial to have some product placement on this site. So for any potential sponsors out there, I am currently looking for you.....

I have waffled back and forth on the sponsorship aspect of thru-hiking. mostly because I really hate asking for money or free things. I have also thought about making this hike 'for a cause', but there are a million causes and all of them just as important as the next and nothing out there is naturally calling me. Nothing that I feel is relevant to me and hiking together.

I have thought about hiking for people who suffer from trichotillomania, a hair pulling/tic disorder. this is something i have dealt with my entire life leading to bald spots and the need to keep my hair at a length that prevents the possibility of pulling. it can lead devastating emotional issues on those who are affected, women are much more likely to have trich, and often need to wear wigs to hide all the missing hair. i have found that when i hike, i don't pull. i guess i don't have the idle time of sitting around browsing the internet, driving, day to day boredom's and etc...  i am excited to have five months of hair growth without a haircut, and i truly wonder if, and how soon, i will go back to pulling when my hike is over.....

While I am not going to make any elaborate plans to 'Hike for Trich' just yet,  if you are interested in, or would like more information regarding trichotillomania, or to donate to their cause here....  trich.org

Unfortunately, most cases involving Trich start during childhood and lead to lifelong habits that are nearly impossible to break. and there is no known cure. I personally can tell you, going to school with a bald spot on your head because you pulled it all out can be quite embarrassing....


MY FIRST SPONSOR!!! kristoHIKES proudly presents StickPic as its first sponsor! thank you Rod for your passion and support for the outdoors and the hiking community!! 

MY SECOND SPONSOR!!! i am proud to announce that i have teamed up with they folks from Raw Revolution who are going to send me a big box of their Organic Live Food Protein bars to help keep me going on the PCT! These are a super awesome healthy option for a quick caloric intake to keep you going.  Raw, living foods are clean, and have higher nutrient content than cooked food. Processed foods such as protein isolates and grain based fillers are acidic and cause fermentation in the body. Raw Organic foods are closest to their natural state, bringing us closer to healing ourselves and the global ecology.

The guys responsible over at cowboycomb.com have decided to send me a couple combs for my hike, to, you know, keep the facial hair respectable... If you are passionate about your facial hair, check these guys out, they have some wax and comb options for you....

Marty over at WildernessLogics.com has so generously donated one of their King sized 800 fill down top-quilts to help in the 'keeping me warm' department of my hike. As a hammock camper, sometimes hammocks come with an 'under quilt' which is literally outside of the hammock. That is sort of weird to me, so I prefer having a top-quilt because it is like at home, when you can curl up in a huge warm blanket. It is zipperless, so it is unlike a sleeping bag in that regard. The quilt will be plenty large to wrap up in, and should keep me warm up to +20 degrees farenheit. THANKS MARTY!

Yvonne de Villiers from Luna Guitars has generously donated a Luna Safari Muse travel guitar to me for my adventure! I can't begin how awesome it is that I will be able to continue playing guitar while on the trail for six months. Thank you so much Yvonne, I can hardly wait to start posting pictures and hopefully some videos from the trail!

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