- The PCT -

what exactly is the pacific crest trail??? and who helps protect it??

The PCT,  and Pacific Crest Trail Association is just one more awesome gift the United States has to offer to the world. it is a 2663 mile trail from the border of Mexico and the USA, beginning in Campo, a very southern town an hour or so east of San Diego, and ends to the 8 miles north of the USA/Canada border in Manning Park B.C....

a few highlights of hiking the PCT and where it goes...
  • passes through 6 eco-zones
  • climbs nearly 60 mountain passes
  • descends 19 major canyons
  • passes almost 1000 lakes
  • 3 national monuments
  • 7 national parks
  • 24 national forests
  • 33 federally mandated wildernesses
  • crosses the san andreas fault 3 times
  • passes the three deepest lakes in the nation (lake tahoe, crater lake, and lake chelan)
  • the youngest person to finish the entire trail was 10 years old, and the oldest is unknown. however several hikers in their 70's have finished the trail in years past, and i wouldn't be surprised to hear of some in their 80's
    the PCTA  is the non-profit organization that strives to protect it....some of the most amazing people on earth.... please check out their site and feel free to donate if you have ever, or are planning on hiking some part of the PCT in the future.

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