-My Favorite Hikers-

It is pretty common for those of us hiking, traveling, and nomadic/adventure seeking individuals to keep a website or blog updated so that our family, friends and followers can follow along, be inspired by, keep in contact and in the know of what were up too. Here is a list of some people I know that has some stuff worth taking a look at....I know some pretty amazing people....

Sara 'Bloodbank' Fry sarafry.wordpress.com/ -PCT 2012 hiker, motivational and inspirational force to be reckoned with.

Chris 'Wolverine' Hillier ~ .hillierhikes.com/ -VETERAN, AT 2011, PCT 2012, and the very FIRST person to hike the Pure Michigan Trail (924 miles from Detroit to Ironwood MI.

Russell Measeunconventionallife.net/  PCT 2012, hiker, writer, fighter of the status quo. creator of the Un-Conventional life website.

Kolby 'Condor' Kirk ~ PCT 2011, artist, hiker, storyteller extrordinaire.... named the 'Modern Day John Muir' by the Sierra Club (which Muir helped create). Owner/Creator of several sites including:
The Hike Guy, 100 Hikes Project, Kahunna.net, and Bug Shutterbug.

Dave 'Trip' Murphy hikeforahospital.com - PCT 2012, CDT 2013, my Kiwi buddy from New Zealand whom I hiked with on the PCT and he recently finished up his thru-hike of the CDT where he hiked trying to raise monies for hospitals in desperate need of funds in his homeland of NZ.

Melissa 'The Bobcat' Park ~ roamingbobcat.wordpress.com - PCT 2012, professional manifester, constanly roaming the world, spreading her awesomeness.

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