This is the gear I used during my PCT thru hike. I am currently interested in doing gear reviews, and demo's. Spending a summer in Alaska should provide me with opprotunities to test some gear in some serious conditions, the most rugged the US may have to offer. So I am certainly hoping to hear back from some gear companies pretty soon....
Major Gear Compontents~
  • PACK- REI Flash 65 - 2.5 lbs. I know their gear, I trust this pack, and if anything goes wrong, REI's return policy is off the charts, so I know having it handled will be simple....
            * I have removed the contoured back plate, effectively making this a lighter and frame-less pack.
  • BAG- Wilderness Logics  Top Quilt - King Sized. 1.75 lbs I like quilts because mummy bags are too constricting for my preference. I like to have a chance to wrap myself up in a quilt the way I prefer.
  • Hennessy Hammock - 2.5 lbs not their lightest model. However, I prefer sleeping in a hammock if given the opportunity. I am a side-sleeper, and my hips get more rest in a hammock, plus I sleep warm and don't usually mind a little extra coolness under me, especially with my super warm top quilt to wrap up in. Big rain fly also, in case i need to tarp/tent in the rain without trees. add 1 pound.
  • JET-BOIL flash 1 lb. I don't wanna mess with the responsibility of starting an alcohol fire anywhere on the trail. I trust the JetBoil, I have used one for years now.
Other Gear along for the journey ~

  • TRENT Li Battery Pack- When I would roll into town, or any place offering a place to charge accesories, I would charge my Iphone first, then charger my battery pack. With a full charge, I was able to recharge my phone 2x and an Ipod 1-2x as well.
  • Therma-Rest - Ridge-line sleeping pad (roll) cut in half. to save a little weight. I use a hammock, so the small piece helps form the hammock nicely, and adds a layer of warm between my back and the hammock bottom. And if I am just nappin' trail-side , all I need is enough pad for my back and head.
  • Tyvek- ground sheet. Even though I do have a hammock, I am prepared for not being able to use it. I have a piece of tyvek as a ground cloth. If I need to cowboy camp, just plop down on the ground under the stars, I can do so. Also if it is raining, and I am hammocking, i can use as a groundsheet under my hammock and fly to put my gear on and keep it off the wet ground as well.
  • Iphone- I used the 3Gs on my thru-hike. I have upgraded to the 4gs since returning. L
  • Luna travel guitar - 3.75 lbs (with accessories) I hope to write music along the entire trail, and jam with many individuals. I know this is a total novelty item, and I also hope it doesn't become a burden. If it does, oh well I can send it ahead or home or whatever. Playin' it by ear.
  • Petzl head torch. Your basic head-light. I will also have a mini LED for a stop-gap in case my head lamp fails me at any point.
  • Small Journal- I am going to try and do most my journaling electronically. I plan on doing a fair amount of journaling in a small pocket sized notebook as well. Old school ya know.  Psssh.
Clothing ~ not always the best stuff, but it worked for me.

  • Down jacket- Cordillera, super warm, just over a pound. I dig it. My favorite piece of clothing related gear.
  • Rain-Wind shell- Eddie Bauer sport - I have used this for a couple years. I like it, I need to waterproof treat it again. Was a bit heavy, but more important than weight, it is bulky, and doesnt pack down really small. It takes up more room in my pack than I would like. I need to invest in a lighter, more packable rain shell.
  • Baselayers - UnderArmour long sleeve, Starter short sleeve. Compression shorts. Polyester. Cheap, easily replaceable.
  • Columbia titanium- longsleeve hikers shirt. Vents well, blocks sun. Long sleeve or roll up and button.
  • Gaiters- Outdoor Research - crew
  • Shoes - I used 4 different brands of shoes while hiking the PCT. Asicis Gel, New Balance All Terrain, North Face ultra, and Brooks Cascadia. All were good for around 500 miles, although I pushed my NB for almost 800.
  • Pants - Columbia pants that converted to shorts as well.
  • Shemagh- My shemagh is of my favorite 'extra' pieces of gear. It is incredibly versatile. I use it as a blanket, a pillow, shade, sunscreen.
  • Beanie -custom made wool by PCT angel Lisa Peru....
  • polarized sunglasses
  • watch w/temp reading (altimeter would be nice too)
Consumables ~
  • Jet Boil fuel ~ I still need a few to add to some boxes.
  • Bulk supply of ibuprofen
  • Bandanas
  • Trash compactor bags. These things are perfect for waterproof liners inside your backpack. You put it inside your pack, much like you would a trash can, then load your gear that way. So if it rains, and coupled with a waterproof stuff-sack for the gear in my top pocket, I will be set. One lasts about a month. I am gonna go through a lot. I am also planning to just wrap my guitar in two of them to keep it from getting water damage.
  • Bulk supply of Emergen-C

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