Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a lot of thinking about where I'm going next....

The places, mile-marks, and states seem to be going by at an advanced rate since I've made it out of Virginia. I'm now in New Jersey, very close to being in New York for a short bit before making it north to Connecticut, then Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and lastly Maine. The trip is probably around 2 months from being completed and I am feverishly anticipating the end for many reasons! I love the hiking, but I'm a west coast boy! The eastern weather has been playing a heavy role in my pshyce from the beginning. It's not what I'm used to and while slightly adapting, I feel most of my hiking peers are probably sick of my complaining about the rain, the heat, the humidity and mugginess. I like to complain a lot I suppose. 
This is by far the hardest thing I've done mentally, ever. The physical side of hiking is rather easy, it's the mental side, to keep hiking 20 miles a day, day after day, regardless  of the elements is proving difficult at times. The 'green tunnel' can feel claustrophobic at times and I find myself day dreaming of the openness and vastness of some of the western US trail systems. I'm definitely looking forward to getting to the Northern states and out these mid-Atlantic ones. I need more mountains and wilderness, lately it seems like I'm just so close to major towns and cities, places that I am sort of trying to get a disconnect from. 
Basically I'm just being a big baby lately. I'm stoked to be out here, but am ready for that final exam, Katahdin! I am so ready to plan future adventures and move on the the next step of my master plan, but all too often out here it feels like I am grinding the gears and this test is just never gonna end. However, now more than ever, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I know the best parts of this trail are still ahead of me, so stick with me, help me grind it out, it's gonna be epic! Thanks for following along.


  1. You got this! This is key lime's mommy. Her dad and I are coming up in a few weeks as you probably know. We look forward to meeting you! Your blog is great. You sure have been blessed with wonderful opportunity to do something you are passionate about in life. I am inspired! Thank you for befriending sweet lil key lime. I am so incredibly proud of her too! Only 2 months to go! I am going to think about you and key lime's perseverance next time I have a mild challenge to face in my daily life..and I will take one more you are.

  2. Keep on keeping on, man. I live in Maine (have most of my life - other than two years living in Driggs, ID near the Tetons where I skied deep powder - and one year in Durham, NC) and I gotta say, Maine will reward you. The Whites are phenomenal. Although the hiking gets really challenging in NH and ME and the trail seems to go straight up and then straight down again, over and over, it is remote and beautiful and what nature is all about. I will be rooting for you and also praying for some dry weather (my husband is a farmer, so I can't pray for too dry). I know how relentless rain and humidity can be - and as a westerner, I am sure it is all the more pronounced for you. I will keep following your blog and try to get you some goods when you are in Maine - some trail magic. Hang in there. New England is just around the next corner and Katahdin is simply something to behold. Today was dry, breezy, bugless and idyllic - here's to some days like that for you in the very near future. See you in Maine. K