Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shenandoah National Park

The Shenandoah Mountains are truly one of the more beautiful places I've ever hiked. The trees are now in full -force bloomage. So many awesome colors and varietys now that it really brings a sense of life to the forest that seemed to be missing in the early stages of this hike. I guess I never really completely grasped that fact that I was starting in the winter, when everything is burrowed away and everything seems drab, cold, very still. It almost feels like when Dorothy landed in Oz and everything was in color for the first time. Even if now, I am hiking inside the 'green tunnel' for hours and hours on end, there is life about. Bugs like a son of a bitch. Mosquitoes, flies, and worst of all TICKS. I hate ticks soooo much. I'm pulling like 5 per day off lately... Still, not comparable to my time in Alaska. 
Now the animals are out as well. To date, I've seen around 10 snakes, 8 bears, dozens of white-tail deer, a coyote, a skunk and all sorts of squirrels and chipmunks. Lots of birds as well, I wish I knew more about the different breeds, but so many of all shapes and colors.
I'm almost out of Virginia, I'll briefly pass through West Virginia, and a spend a short amount of time in Maryland before spending a more significant amount in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is supposed to be a shit-ton of rocks. I'm super thankful for growing up on the river and spending endless amounts of time rock-hopping along it's banks. The skill should come in quite handy! 

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