Saturday, March 22, 2014

random 5

• I haven't had ANY aspartame since my last post. I can't promise that I'm done for good, but I am trying to cut back...

• Getting into towns are great, leaving towns to get back in the woods is even better. I seem to clump up with other hikers when town is close, but am able to escape towns and get out on my own relatively easy. There are a lot of people out here and it sort of takes away from the independent, out on your own feeling. I am trying to find a balance between the two. Luckily I am getting ahead of the slower crowd and have found a few awesome people that I can relate to, who have thousands of miles under their belts as well, but still this is a HUGE herd of hikers. 

• I miss the PCT. Thru hiking is definitely a lifestyle, but each trail seems to have it's own culture. The PCT is mores style. Very fortunate to be a west-coast boy. I know why the early settlers went West, to get away from the crazies! (and to steal everything from the natives)

• I am about this (><) close to stopping off at an animal shelter and picking a pup that looks worthy of a thru hike. I miss hiking with a dog, and I should have been training one for the last six months to do this with me. The shared connection with a dog is stronger than the one I have with most humans. Y'all know what I mean.

• I say "Y'all" in just about every sentence  now. And I've even caught myself asking "y'all fixin' to...." a few times. It would take me about a month living in the south to sound about as backwoods as some of my extended family. (no offense intended, I love my crazy family) 

    mad thanks to all firefighters.

    beard freezing to my face in the cold and rain...

me and chipmunk. she hiked the entire AT last year, at the age of 14, solo. Her parents supported her along the way to make sure she was always kickin-ass and taking names!! 

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