Monday, March 24, 2014

rain again... Sunday March 23rd.

Well I did fifteen more miles today in the rain and mist and freezing cold and ice and it was just fantastic. (just a bit of sarcasm there) The sun has returned this evening with an hour of daylight or so left... I'm hoping all my wet clothes will dry a little. While hiking today I was trying to think of my most favorite things, and where it is that has the most of my favorite stuff. I should probably relocate to that spot, post hike.

Beer. Almost all places have beer. The south has crazy rules about it, and the West Coast, as I was recently reminded by a Southern man, lacks morals. So I guess I'll be staying west coast. I like 'em hop heavy. Favorite beers: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale(Chico) Lagunitas IPA(Petaluma) Stone Brewery Ruination IPA(San Diego).

Music. I'll find a scene anywhere. But my favorites in the last few years have been solid. G.Love(philly, PA) The Mother Hips(Chico) The Devil Makes Three(Santa Cruz) The Black Keys (Akron, OH) Avett Brothers(North Carolina) Old Crow Medicine Show (Southern USA)

Mother Nature. I have a hard time choosing between mountains and ocean. So naturally, I need a place that has both. West Coast Best Coast. I've been dreaming of Astoria OR lately. That has music, ocean, beer, mountains....hmm...Astoria.

Culture. Eclectic, diverse, art-filled, Bohemia with history. Non racist, open minded, creative places always seem to make me happy. The towns that I think of are Homer, AK. Truckee, CA, Santa Fe NM, Seattle WA, San Francisco, CA.

• Women. Real women. Sexy,
beautiful confident women who know their worth, talents, and strengths, yet always striving to be better. A woman who can bring the quickest smile to your face, and also keep you on your toes. Women that make you a better person, but are also capable of cutting us men some slack when can sorta start being shit-heads from time to time. 

Haha. I miss the west coast women already.

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