Saturday, March 15, 2014

My five thoughts after my first 5 days on the AT

Here are my five thoughts for the day inspired by the uplifting Ali Munzer's daily posts...

• aspartame, snot rockets, wright socks, goose down, carbs (my favorite things on the trail)

• I had my first intensely emotional "moment" of the trip. That type that always seems to happen while on a long hike, where tears of happiness and sadness equally come to the surface because you finally have time to sort of process what's happening, at a natures pace and stripped of all

the other distractions and interferences.

• Although I am not religious at all, I have a heavy spiritual induced existential awareness. However, sitting in a circle with five church-group grown men, laying down a very touching and moving prayer in my honor, because of my way of going about life and my philosophies was certainly moving enough to bring me to tears a second time for the day. 

• East coast winter can be over now. Cali~ sorry, indian summer is finally over, welcome to real summer, it's all you get now.

• Out of Georgia, on to North Carolina tomorrow. Georgia, you've been real; real cold, real hospitable, real beautiful. 

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