Monday, January 13, 2014

With a new Calendar year, brings a new year of Adventures....

Well, here we sit, briefly in the year 2014. What are you gonna do that makes you remember this year and makes it stand out from the year before?? That's kind of what I'm into recently. How can I one-up the epic year I had last year?? Since 2012,  I've never felt so free, so happy, or as confident as I am now. I've gained hundreds of new friends, whom, with confidence, I know I will be able to connect with for the rest of my life given my new found addiction to long-distance hiking. Excitedly, I know that number has the potential to reach thousands. The long-distance hiking community just feels like family, and the more you immerse yourself in it, the larger your family gets. I mean, hell, Reese Witherspoon is distant-distant trail family at this point....

So, since the spring of 2012, I have given away, donated, and sold most of the possessions that I owned. I've changed my lifestyle, and routine, picked up a few good habits, while also dropping and gaining a few bad ones. I have a much better existential awareness now and am slightly more conscious of my place and effect in this universe. I am fortunate to have been shown some of the tools and learned lots of lessons over the last couple years that I may not have been open to in my life before. Thank you all for continuing to follow me. You all inspire me to keep living this non-typical, off-the-beaten-path lifestyle for the time being.

2014 is gonna be a great one. I hope it has already started out well for every single one of you !!!

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