Monday, October 8, 2012

10 more days...

Well I just spent 2 days at the Dinsmore's hiker haven in Baring/Skykomish, and both Jerry and Andrea are amazing people. This was our last real relaxing stop before finishing, and right now there is one amazing group of hikers about to finish. There were almost 20 hikers at the haven ready to start their last 10 days of hiking towards the border.
It has been getting bitterly cold recently, and the days are getting shorter, but since we are so close to Canada and the end, it's time to just get it done, regardless of the variables.
In other news, I have heard that the Sun has been pretty active recently and that with the clear conditions, it may be possible to see the northern lights here in the next couple weeks as well. That is most definitely on my bucket list, so it would be rad to experience that as part of my last few memories of this 2012 PCT journey...
So, as I type this I am 170 miles from Monument 78 on the U.S - Canadian border, and 178 until I am done hiking....some exciting stuff coming up soon for me!!

Thanks for all the support and for following along!!


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