Thursday, September 27, 2012


With only 265 miles left, tonight we rest in Snoqualmie Pass!!! Only 3 more sections of trail, 75, 100, and 90
miles long. Insane, it has all came to an ending so quickly. I have hiked nearly 680 miles in the last 30 days, with the 3 days of 0 miles in that time, and a few near-o's (less than 10 miles) I averaged over 25 miles a day while hiking. Luckily, I am hiking with some of the most awesome hiker family one could have hoped to find out here! Damsel and her lovely dog Lucy, Cactus and Extra Credit, Edward Triple Hands (trip) from NZ, Hollywood, Shakespeare, as well as Knees, Natty, and of course Bloodbank!! Thank you all for being so amazing!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Washington. Is. Cold.

Well this crazy long hike is finally wrapping up. I am about halfway through Washington and I have loved every moment of hiking in Oregon and Washington this far. I am hiking as efficient as ever, if I could start this whole hike over right now, I could probably do it in a huge amount less time, but I love the pace I am at right now. Hiking with some amazing people has made this part of the hike truly fantastic. I am a very lucky guy. Pretty soon this will all be over, which is sort of surreal, but it is time. While I am not ready for the adventure 'bug' to end, my time on this trail is quickly coming to an end, it's getting cold and gonna get wet here really soon. I am not really sure what is next, but I guess I am about to find out pretty soon what direction I will be heading instead of North. I am excited for the coming months and spending the holidays catching up and spending time with my family and friends....

Seasons are changing.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some pics...

Here are the pictures I took in Oregon. Unfortunately, I broke my digital camera near Lake Tahoe, and have yet to replace it. The camera I am interested in isn't really on the cheap side. So, until then, I hope you enjoy these iPhone pics... Most of them have been posted on Facebook before.

Oregon was amazing by the way. The hiking was a breeze and the volcanos and views were off the charts. Not to mention Crater Lake. Other highlights were Mt. Thielsen, the Three Sisters (north, middle, and south) Mt. Jefferson and Jefferson Park, Three Fingered Jack, and of course Mt. Hood...


Sorry for the hiatus. Good news is that I have completed the Oregon and California sections of the hike. I now only have about 470 miles of hiking left. I am finally in Washington and less than a month away from my moment at the monument.
Mostly all I can say about Oregon is that it was absolutely fantastic. From Crater Lake, to the 3 Sisters, Mt. Thielsen, Mt. Washington, Mt. Hood and Jefferson. Oh and the amazing Tunnel Falls. Oregon has been so kind and gentle as far as the hiking:views ration goes, and I have met some amazing people while being reconnected with a few from way earlier on in the hike . I have been having so much fun and the trail community is as amazing as ever. I have been connected with some absolutely stellar trail angels, and received some magic in the most amazing of places. Huge thanks to Joe Shelley (shrek) for his capacity to endlessly keep helping and hosting us hikers in his haven that is 'Shrek's Swamp' in Cascade Locks. Also thanks to Corrinna(sp?) and Pat for the ride down to the post office to help in making sure I was there before they closed, and for returning my phone I had left in their car! Thanks for everything folks!