Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chips Fire

The Chips Fire which is just North of BeldenTown, began the day before I arrived there. Initial reports were that it was 25 acres and would shut down the 45 mile section of trail between Hw70 in Belden and Hw36/89 near Chester for only 3-4 days. I was able to walk a forest road/highway walk alternative that connected me back on the PCT after about 35 miles, but road walking sucks and can be dangerous. Other hikers behind me were not so fortunate to have another way around the fire to walk, as the fire has now grown to over 1000 acres and they have shut down all roads and trails in that area to foot traffic. For the ' 'purist' hikers this is a real bummer because they choose to walk 100%of the way, border to border, no rides where Pct miles are counted for. This closure forces them to hitch or use public transportation to get around it, skip 45 miles of hiking, and we have missed the actual PCT midway marker. Oh well. For me it is the summer of my life, learning so much, meeting great people and loving the life on the road lifestyle. So, I've made it around the fire area, I am near Mt. Lassen and booking North...I am only a couple days behind a few hikers from my old 'bubble' so hopefully I can catch em sooner than later!!!
Today it's Drakesbad Guest Ranch, tomorrow, it's Old Station for a package, then it's on through the Hat Creek Rim en route to Burney Falls, then Dunsmuir, Etna, Seiad Valley and it's SO LONG CALI!!! Oregon is coming up quick and I can't wait for Cali to be in the rear view....

Thanks folks, I love ya

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