Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sierra City, finally!!

Well I have finally made it through the vortex that was 'home'. From Hw 88 > Hw49 in Sierra City is roughly 130 miles and it took me 19 days to pass through it! Granted it only took me about 7.5 days of actually hiking, the rest of the time was spent making awesome memories with some of the most awesome people in my life! I got to see most of my family, and (only) some of my great friends.
I was able go to the ocean, through Berkley, San Francisco,
and most the way to Santa Cruz on the PCH. Another day ripe with great conversations and good times! (thanks again Lauren)
I had a hell of a time at a pizza dinner catching up with about 10>15 great friends! Thanks for coming to all who showed. Matt and Jason and I rocked a few bars after that happened, and I was also able to have a great day relaxing at Folsom Lake. (thanks again Kat)
Breakfast at Sweetie Pies with my favorite moose Summertime, some biscuits and gravy have never done this hungry-hiker wrong...
The trail magic and BBQ my parents put together before I got back on the trail was epic! It's great to be able to share something with them on this adventure that they could feel part of as well. Thanks grams, dad, Alesia, Kristen, Bro Case, doug and Pam! That was awesome, and I can't thank you enough!!!
Once I got back on the trail, I wasn't heading far because I was getting right back off the trail in Truckee to catch up with an old friend from high school. Megan hosted and showed me one hell of a time in Truckee! Chilling out at Donner Lake with the dogs, floating down the Truckee river in the downpour/sunshine, great talks over dinner, a little jamming, every moment was so special and inspiring. A truly 'good for the soul' time indeed...It was such a treat and couldn't have been any better. So thank you Megan, you are amazing.

It's unreal to me how many awesome, deep, philosophical conversations I have been having in the last three months. It's truly amazing to me how something so simple as hiking all day has made me such a better/happier person, and how it seems to inspire so many people to strive for happiness as well! I could easily have got off the trail at many points, but I know how many people are intrigued and inspired by what I am doing, that it gives me reason to keep going everyday. I don't know what is in store for me when I am done with this hike, where I'll land, live, love, but I do know I have about 1465 miles left to figure it out. Thus far I have walked 1200, so mileage wise I am not quite half way, however time wise I am certainly half way. My pace will be sped up for sure, I have a ton of hiker family a week or two ahead of me I need to see again, so I will be trying to realistically and safely catch up...hopefully by Oregon/Washington border.

So, I think that's about it for now, I hope you all are enjoying your summer!!!!

I'd also like to give a shout out to all the trail angels and awesome day hikers I have shared conversations with along the way who I may have directed to this site....The ladies climbing out of Donner Pass who gave me fruit and beer, and the awesome people I met at the P.Grubb hut~ thanks for the good conversations and memories!!

Until another moment in time...

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