Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Own Back Yard.....

From Sonora Pass to Donner Pass is about 150 miles of the most beautiful hiking you will ever do. That is from about an hour north east of Sonora on hw108 until you reach Donner Summit on hw40/80 near Truckee. It also crosses hw140 at Ebbets Pass, hw88 at Carson Pass, and hw50 at Echo Summit, so there are lots of options for short overnights or daytrips galore. Not only are the mountains, rivers, creeks and lakes insanely gorgeous, the hiking itself was a piece of cake! There were no more huge mountain passes, there were a few grinding climbs here and there, but nothing like the High Sierra or when leaving Yosemite. All this hiking is at elevations high enough to stay cool, but still low enough you can catch your breath super quick and keep going. But man, the views! We are so fortunate to have as many places as we do in the Amador/El Dorado/Placer county areas, to be able to get out and enjoy this beautiful planet. North of Barker Pass (just after the PCT crosses the Rubicon4x4 trail) until hw80 at Donner was about 25 miles I recommend to every hiker that has ever hiked near Tahoe. You spend most of it hiking along the ridges atop Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Sugar Bowl ski ranches. You have the sweetest views of Lake Tahoe and can see for what seems to be 100 miles in every direction! It was pretty breath taking.

I started reading/listening to Dharma Bums by Kerouac a little bit ago and I forgot how much I love his writing. The book has really been speaking to me, and now I have been taking time each day to try and meditate a little, and to pray and work towards some type of enlightenment, it has been extremely refreshing. Being able to start practicing and pondering Mahayana buddhism in such beautiful places has really made such a difference. It is something I am looking forward to continue to practice and learn, and I am excited by the thoughts of becoming a more conscious and balanced human being.

Hope you all have a great weekend! This summer is flying by, so spend some time with your favorite people doing some awesome things and seeing some awesome places!


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  1. Dope pics, I miss it out there in deso. It looks so different from the ski resorts in winter. BTW, my money is on you catching your trail fam before Washington. You're an animal!