Sunday, July 15, 2012

the nature of things... (see what I did there)

I've been saying things are 'bittersweet' all week...
Well I just got back on the trail and during those first few miles I started doing some introspective work about my week at home and I was focusing on the how's and why's of what has been so bittersweet. It's amazing to me, this chance to dive so deep into some existential reasoning and introspection, and the lessons that become so obvious, that have probably always been right in front of my eyes. Only now that I am out here, alone with my thoughts, away from the modern distractions and surrounded by nature at its purest, are the lessons so crystal clear that they almost can be learned, and stored, and put to the ultimate test almost immediately.
I was home for about 8 days. It was relaxing, also trying and altogether amazing. I felt a lot like a fish out of water. So many memories recalled, and already so much change has occurred in only my short time away, that I felt even more disconnect from the life I had led before starting this adventure. I have lost and drifted away from some of those people that were very crucial in my life, but I have also became closer to, and created stronger bonds with some unexpected people as well. I have so many amazing people in my life. For the first time, living in the present, and learning and moving on from the past has become easier to handle and manage and my overall outlook is a much healthier, much more rewarding.
So what really makes it bittersweet? Leaving my family, my friends, it's tough walking away from them again, walking away from being able to see them everyday. But getting back on the trail makes it worth it because I know when I see them again, the feelings and reunion will be so amazing. Yeah, rough life, leaving amazing people just to return before to long and continue building stronger and more amazing relationships with them. :-p thanks for following and supporting my crazy life and making this such a special time for me.

Until next time.

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  1. Hey Cuz! Sorry I could not see you while you were here but I will see you when you finish up and I cannot even recognize you with all the weight you have lost and will continue to lose!
    Keep up the good work and enjoy this once in a lifetime adventure :) Love ya, Jess