Thursday, July 12, 2012

my week off...

Well my week off has been amazing. I have been able to spend good time with family, and some great friends. Time with my father, brother, nephew, seeing my grandma, aunt, best friends Zack and Matt, and the rest of the amazing people in my life that made time to see me on my brief stay. Everything is SO INCREDIBLY different since I left three months ago. It is so awesome the response I have had, and how much support I have. My friends and family are some truly amazing people that make my life so much richer and full. Being on the trail, away from them, really has left me with an appreciation for being able to share time with them. It makes every minute away more that much more special, because I know how amazing it will feel when I see them again. It is going to be hard to walk away from it all, again. On Saturday the 14th, I will head back to the trail. Some friends and family are going to join me and BBQ at the trailhead for all the other hikers that happen to be coming through that day. It is our little way of giving back to the PCT community. All the love and trail magic I have recieved so far has been unreal. I can't do enough to payback the love, so having a little BBQ is the least I could do. So when these thru-hikers come through Carson Pass on Saturday, hopefully we can fill their hungry bellies with some meat and liquids, and send them on their way to Tahoe. I am excited to see if any hikers I know are going to come through, and even more excited for my family and friends to be even more a part of this adventure. I know it will be a day they will never forget, because the hikers are so thankful when they come across trail magic that the feeling of helping out will feel so good, not to mention all the crazy awesome personalities they will meet, it will give them a better idea of what I have been going through on the trail for almost 3 months now. WOW almost 3 months. about 2.5 more to go. What a long, strange, amazing trip it has been, and I still have so much left to experience. Thank you all for following along, donating to my cause, and inspiring ME to keep going, to keep hiking, to keep on with this lifestyle. I don't know what my next adventure will be after this hike, but I am 100 percent confident that no matter where the trail leads me, I have one HELL of a support crew watching my back, and living vicariously through me. It feels so good, and you guys have left me feeling like a rockstar. I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for each and everyone of you following along and making me feel like I am doing something so special. The support has been amazing.... And sorry, there will be no pictures until a later date. I have not only ruined my digital camera, but broke my iPhone as well since I have been home. Most of my possesions are deteriorating, but not my will. Those are only things. Things come and go. The love and support is raw and pure and lasts forever. Thanks a million. Kristo

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