Thursday, July 19, 2012

I finally feel 'back' on the trail...

It took longer than I had hoped, but I finally feel back on the trail and not mentally distracted by all that I just left behind. Today I saw my good buddies Matt and Jason, they hiked into Lake Aloha for the afternoon and we kicked it for a while. I left them feeling low, wishing I wasn't on the trail anymore, so I could spend the summer kicking it with all you awesome people. I was feeling the pull to go back with them, but I knew if I kept going, the trail would call me back, and like it has EVERY time thus far, almost the moment you are feeling the lowest of lows, something happens and it all flips back in your favor. Today I caught Hee-Haw and Wolverine, two amazing and awesome guys who basically renewed my spirit right there on the spot. All I needed was a little trail-family love again and I went right back to knowing the trail is exactly where I need to be... So thanks guys.

Kristo Out.


  1. Glad to be hiking with you again! Wolverine

  2. Stoked you kept going! Wish I could hike more... Next summer. How are the shades holding up?

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