Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When the sun plays the trump....

Well I am in Lake Isabella resting up with some folks. It was supposed to take me 7 days to get to Kennedy Meadows from Tehachapi, but after 4 days we jumped off at Walker Pass and came down the valley. I have plenty of supplies to make it the whole strech,some others needed supply, but I came for the rest. The first 2 days out of t-hatch messed me up, got me dehydrated and was pretty stressful. It is a seriously hot and waterless section. It routinely has 15-20 miles sections with no water sources and this hot desert area has done a bunch of hikers in. I am back to 110% now but had a tough weekend. As it sits, I should be in Kennedy Meadows late on the 7th, probably spend the 8th prepping my bear canister and food for the push through the high Sierras. I should be standing on the summit Mt. Whitney by late next week no doubt.

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  1. Awesome sir. I wanna come meet up with you soon. Before you get further north