Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recap update...

Ok so I really am sorry for not being more prompt on updates. Hikers are lazy, no doubt about it, and sometimes taking time to make updates is hard to do when you hike 12+ hours, so I'll just do a recap of the sections and some high/low points:

Deep Creek > Cajon Pass ~
Hot, hiked alone, tried forgetting about the Wang all over deep creek. I missed a cougar by an hour. She was spotted at a creek crossing not even an hour after I crossed and passed by. I also saw the biggest rattlesnake yet. Son of a bitch had to be as gerthy as my arm. He was protecting the cache someone stored near the climb into Silverwood lake. Almost as soon as I saw the cache that guy started rattling, about 5 feet away, at eye level in a bush. I was able to get the water and apple without being attacked. I put in 23 miles in one day, biggest day yet.

Cajon Pass > Wrightwood ~
On an impulse call, took a day and a half off at DIP's house with his awesome family. Good Times, Christian, Scarecrow, Blood Bank an myself spent a couple afternoons lounging around his pool, chillin out max and relaxin all cool. Great group of hikers who I would spend the next week or more hiking with. Thanks again DIP!!!

Wrightwood > Aqua Dulce
Hot. 3 detours: 1 for endangered frogs, 1 for an uncleared section of the Station Fire, and one for the invasive and horrible amounts of Poodle Dog Bush. Still hiking with that same crew, amongst others small groups as well. Really been getting stronger and meeting lots of great people from all over the world. Getting into Aqua Dulce you pass through the Vasquez Rocks area. So cool, check out movies such as Blazing Saddles, Planet of the Apes, tons of old westerns, the Flintstones -"" have been filmed here because of the awesome rock formations due to the close proximity of the San Andreas fault. Getting into AD also means hiker heaven. Where the Saufleys open their home and property to hikers to prepare for the push to the Sierras. It's great when you can be around 50+ hikers at once and not be worried about actually hiking that day! These places are where the love is felt so deep! So great to feel like a part of something so special!

Aqua Dulce > Casa de Luna (the Anderson's) ~
Well the Saufleys and CdL are only 24 miles apart, but both require at full day off for the full experience. Saufleys is where you get stuff done, it's like a machine. The Casa de Luna is where you stop to chill to the max! It's a great party atmosphere. It's the great vibe, and so many awesome people who have everything and yet nothing in common. I night hiked 24 miles from 9 pm until 7:15 am to make it in one push, not in the heat of the day. It was tough, and when our group of 5 was seperated I had to hike alone to catch the front 2 who started first. Luckily I am getting super quick and basically ran up mountain to close the mile gap between me and the front 2. Well when the back 2 caught up in the am, they had seen a cougar in the middle of the trail right where I had been, alone, on the middle of the night. They are stalking me!! Casa was great, the people are great, the trail is amazing, loving life!

Casa > Tehachapi ~
Been putting on miles! Last 5 days hiking = 24 miles, 25, 27, 18, and 10 into town today. Been rocking and getting way quick! I can absolutely jam up hills now. So awesome to be feeling strong, in good health, losing weight, and being proud of myself. We crossed the Mojave and the aqueduct mostly at night and had a great time and some great conversation with a friend named Quest! One of the greatest guys I have met on the trail and he is actually walking up to Oregon to participate in a shaman Vision Quest with his spiritual group. Amazing person, with some amazing insight into life and it's tests and ways to deal with life and be a better stronger person. Truly another blessing from the trail!

Sorry this is all so vague, trying to play catch up. I am going to try and be much more vigilant from now on so I can be more interesting and detailed...

Some super cool people I have hiked off and on with: good times, Christian, blood bank and scarecrow, Powah Nap, Quest, Dancing Feet, Bobcat, Last on the Bus, Legion and Steady, Columbus, John T, Moss... Trail Family is awesome.

Until next time,

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  1. It sounds great. Keep truckin' and we'll see you in a few weeks. Can't wait.