Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Bear Lake to Deep Creek Hot Springs

Well after the awesome time and place that is Big Bear Lake and hostel, I set out from hw18 at mile 265 heading to Wrightwood at mike 360 something for my next resupply, however there are a few 'attractions' along the way. At mile 306 there is a natural hot spring seeping from the mountain. They say it has something to do with being so near the San Andreas Fault, but I am fairly uneducated on the reasons they occur. This particular area is sweet with 3-4 different pools and temperatures and someone has affixed a large tube for it to pour out like a hot shower into the cold water of Deep Creek a little below. Such an awesome place for a rest to get clean(ish) and chill. However, this is a known nudist area. People come all the time to nude-it-out here and since there are trails for day use to it, it is packed on the weekends, and I couldn't avoid hitting it on Sunday. Well Sunday is apparently when the gay male nudist social club makes there outing, cause there were 50+ gay dudes walking around all day in day backpacks and shoes, and only those. So yeah, pretty interesting, and there were a lot of other nudists as well and lots of people wearing clothes too (like me and most the hikers). Everyone got along and it was real chill and after a little bit, you hardly noticed all the wang hanging around. It was like 110 degrees and I couldn't bring myself to take off hiking through the desert in that heat, so I stayed all day and spent the night. I left this morning and pushed 22 miles for my longest day yet and I feel good and getting stronger.
The other 'attraction' is the Cajon Pass area which I will hit tomorrow. Less than a mile off the trail where some highway is, is an offramp with a Chevron, McDonald's, and Subway. EVERY HIKER goes to that place just to get cold drinks and hot food, things I am learning to cherish much much more. I am about 14 miles from there tonight and because I stayed at the hot springs I lost the chance of making it for breakfast, but I'll make do!!

Thank you to all of you that txt me randomly, it really helps with the homesickness, I appreciate it. And that's for all the support and kind words on Facebook! I am glad I can share with you what I can and that you all seem to enjoy it!

Until next time...

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