Tuesday, April 24, 2012

from Campo and the border to Scissors Crossing mile 77+

Well as is type this I am at the Stagecoach Campground on state route 2 near the town of Julian. No cell service, which sort of sucks but it gives me time to jot this all down for you without being distracted by all the interwebs, emails and txts I COULD be doing.
So, I have hiked 77 miles in the first 5 days and it has been amazing. Tough at times, but so beautiful. The weather has been HOT, well into the 100+ category. It's amazing how quick my body is adapting and getting stronger. Of the 10 people our trail-angels dropped off at the border Thursday morning, I was the first into Scissors and couldn't be more proud of myself. It's not a race I know, but after day one or day 2 I would have placed me about middle of that pack, to know its just my fat ass that is slowing me down now is comforting. I know within 2 weeks I should be able to shred 20+ miles easily. Hell, I hiked 15 today by noon to get here and I hiked 10 by 11 am yesterday.
I have met so many people. This year, due to the weather, there seems to be an influx on hikers. Last night, I dry camped (no water source) at the bottom of this canyon, with 15 hikers. I have been hiking with 4 folks since we got dropped off and today we parted ways. I was coming here they were going on because they already re-supplied in Mt. Laguna. I am sharing a hiker cabin tonight with 4 other hikers: Atlas, Power Nap, and some other yet to be named guy.
My trail name is Lion King. If you know me at all you know that is fitting, being a Leo and all plus the large lion tattoo on my left calf that anyone who has hiked behind me before has surely spent time looking at.
It's on to Warner Springs (mile 110) then back to KO at Lake Morena over the weekend, then back on the trail.... Thank you so much for following...

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at kristoHIKES@gmail.com

Kristo ~ lion king

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  1. Kris - I'm enjoying reading your comments on your hike -- keep 'em coming! I'm glad you're not alone all of the time. It's good to have like-minded people around. Take care.