Tuesday, March 20, 2012

help a brother out....buy a piece of my art!!

This is probably my favorite picture I have taken, as a hiker who just brings along a digital camera. It is actually a panoramic of four pictures, stitched together by Erica Inderlied. It is not framed, but it is HUGE. Measures about 4.5' x 1' It is really nice, and I hope someone wants it. I have a price set in my head, first person to offer me that, well it is yours...

Monday, March 19, 2012

times, they are a changin....

It's the weirdest feeling, packing everything up to move, without a new place to move to or no physical address to call my own. Livin' on the go is about to be my new *chosen* way of life. I know this is crazy to some of you, but to me, it just makes sense. For so long I have imagined a life where things seem to move closer to the pace that I set, away farther from the general pace with which society relies on, and is becoming so increasingly frantic, and fast paced. For too long now I have been feeling like a product of our society, just a general statistic or demographic, that I can not escape from. I have always considered myself the type of person to be sort of 'different minded', yet still have always felt trapped by the comforts of  my surroundings, and never really branching out and getting out of my comfort zone. Well finally, I am about to take those first steps towards living a life as I imagined it for MYSELF. If I want to live the life of travel, and experience new things, well then I need to travel further than the places I am comfortable or familiar with. If I want to meet people that are 'like-minded' then I need to get out and mingle with people who hike, or play music, or live freely and want to enjoy their time on this planet more than slave towards paycheck to paycheck.

I hope I am not offending anyone, I do not discriminate or judge you for whatever type of lifestyle you are leading.I am glad you are happy, and if you are not, I truly hope you can pinpoint what it is that DOES make you happy, and go for it, make the best of it.
I only know what is going to make me happy, and I am taking a huge chance at making it a reality. I am going to adapt, and play my hand no matter how the cards are dealt. I am putting the worries of finances, traffic, politics, societal trends, and general displeasure's on the back-burner. I am doing what I can to eliminate those things in life which make me the most unhappy, by doing something that makes me happier than anything else. I am very fortunate that there is a culture in the world that embraces, encourages, and supports one another in leading this type of life.

I know long-distance hiking is not for the majority of you. Neither is being away from your car, job, bed, home, friends, family, video games, restaurants, internet, computers blah blah blah..... But for me, I think I can find a way to balance all the things that matter to me most, while continuing to expand on the places I have been, the new friendships I will, and the experiences I will gain. This will make me a happier, and more confident with my place in this universe. And in return, I will become a better Son, Grandson, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Cousin, Boyfriend, and human in general. I hope to find myself by losing myself on this trail, and to be comfortable and confident with who I am. I really cant wait to get on the trail, it is going to be a huge change that I am SO ready to start on.

Friday, March 16, 2012

trails have led me to places like....

This is an album with a random assortment of some of the pictures of places I have been to on some of my favorite hikes. I hope you enjoy.

trails have led me to places like....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it is a hard thing to explain....

Well, as you can probably tell, I have not been very vigilant with updating this site as often as I had originally planned. However, things recently started moving. Fast. For over six months now, this trip has been incredibly abstract. It's been nothing more than ideas, various gear stuffs piling up, and lots of information, spreadsheets, and endless conversations involving the how's, when's, where's, and why's of every imaginable facet of this hike. But now, things are happening. I have put in my 30 day notice, and started the process of downsizing the my number of possessions,  giving things away, selling things, and packing things that I may want again in the future. Luckily, over the years, I have not accumulated too much stuff. I don't own a house worth of furniture, (or even my own bed anymore) so mainly, it is small things, clothes, electronics and music equipment I am storing until the future. So, with only 2 weeks until we have to be OUT, I am awkwardly not stressing.

Some weekly highlights ~
  • meeting Andrew Skurka and Kolby Kirk in San Francisco. 2 super inspirational dudes that know a thing or two about long distance hiking and being submerged with nature for half a year or longer at a time.
  • Luna Guitars sent me an awesome little travel guitar to bring with me on my hike. It has arrived and I have had some fun playing it and learning about it's sound.
  • Wilderness Logics sent me an awesome down quilt to keep me warm, and I truly can't think Marty enough! Most people, myself included, find it hard to afford a down sleeping system, something light, and warm down to seriously cold temperatures. Marty generously donated a down quilt to do just that for me. Without this i would have had to spend some serious cash to stay warm, and would have had to skimp on other equipment, so thanks again Marty and Wilderness Logics!!! 

Last of the gear I need to get before starting ~
  • waterproof gloves
  • a buff or shemagh
  • new gaiters (just need to return for new ones to REI)
  • wool/polyester base-layer
  • waterproofing compound
  • earphones - the 'over-ear' sports type (buds just fall out)
  • 1 more pair of shoes
It's getting close, things are starting to come together, almost time to do this thing!!
Kristo out.