Thursday, February 23, 2012 welcomes Luna Guitars to the family!!

Yvonne de Villiers the lady in charge over at Luna Guitars has donated an awesome guitar for me to use during my hike! I submitted a sponsorship request and she enthusiastically replied and has been very helpful and I am so excited to receive the geetar in the mail so I can start playing it on the trails!!! The guitar they are sending me is a Luna Safari Muse, in the mahagony style! The exact one I wanted. It weighs in at 3.3 pounds and should be awesome! I played this style at Nicholson Music in Folsom a while back and was surprised by the sound and the weight. Hopefully I have some awesome songs written to play once I get to the top of Mt.Whitney, the highest spot in the continental United States! So thanks again Yvonne and Luna guitars, you just made me one super happy hiker!

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  1. that you have your long must we wait before a new video on "the youtube"??? And could i request "good to be me" by uncle kracker? your hike sounds epic by the way :). When are you starting the hike?