Wednesday, February 8, 2012

down jacket + + disc golf = pretty good tuesday...

Well, like I may or may not have mentioned, I am training the way that I probably should be, or really on any workout program. I have already sort of grown tired walking by Folsom Lake like I have been doing recently, and I was looking on Google Maps to see how far it was from my house to the Shady Oaks disc golf course in Orangevale that I like to play at. It says that following the roads, the course should only be about 6.5 miles from my house, and since Folsom is such a biker friendly community, we have dozens and dozens of miles of bike-trail through our town, so I was able to jump on the bike trail behind my house. (which pops out directly across from the Folsom Prison entrance.) Long story short, I started at 9 am and and after a quick break for a bite and and water at, made it to the disc golf course around 11:30. I played my round of disc golf, which is another 2.5 miles walking, then headed home. I left the course around 2:15 and stepped back into my house at 5:00 pm. 15+ miles round-trip with a 10-12# pack. My feet and ankles were sore, and I blame that mostly from having to walk on pavement much of the day. No blisters. Good day indeed.

On Tuesday, I was feeling lazy and didn't feel like walking to the course again, so I drove. My feet were still pretty sore, but I knew I had to at least put some more miles on them. I played 3 rounds of disc golf. Each round is between 2 to 2.5 miles, so I generously rounded up and counted 7+ miles on Tuesday. By then end of the third round, my feet were pretty damn sore, and I was ready to go home and rest.

When I got home, FedEx had dropped off a  HUGE and HEAVY box  from the folks at waiting for me with HUNDREDS of nutritional and healthy organic protein bars for my hike. 20 lbs worth of protein bars, in 5 flavors. Each bar is about 1.5" by 1.5" and packs 100 calories. Pretty tasty. These are gonna help me SO MUCH throughout the days when I am stuck eating gorp and what not to keep me going strong.

As I was opening my knife to cut the box of protein bars, the doorbell rang. UPS was there with my new down jacket!!! What a day! Finally my down jacket was here. It had been here before, but was just a little to snug, so I sent it back for one size bigger, and now it is all mine!!! I went with the Cordillera down jacket. In my favorite color of forest green. GOOD WEEK SO FAR!!

Just over 2 months until the PCT is my home....

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