Thursday, February 23, 2012 welcomes Luna Guitars to the family!!

Yvonne de Villiers the lady in charge over at Luna Guitars has donated an awesome guitar for me to use during my hike! I submitted a sponsorship request and she enthusiastically replied and has been very helpful and I am so excited to receive the geetar in the mail so I can start playing it on the trails!!! The guitar they are sending me is a Luna Safari Muse, in the mahagony style! The exact one I wanted. It weighs in at 3.3 pounds and should be awesome! I played this style at Nicholson Music in Folsom a while back and was surprised by the sound and the weight. Hopefully I have some awesome songs written to play once I get to the top of Mt.Whitney, the highest spot in the continental United States! So thanks again Yvonne and Luna guitars, you just made me one super happy hiker!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wildcat Camp Shakedown

Last Wednesday my buddy Zack and I headed down to the Point Reyes National Park to hike and camp a few nights on the beach. We left Sacramento around 7:30 am and pulled into the Bear Valley Center around 9:30. We intended to start at the Bear Valley Center and hike 8 miles to Coast Camp for a night, then hike 9 miles to Wildcat Camp for a night, and then a quick 6 miles back to the truck on Friday. Just over 20 miles in three days, nothing major, but at least something. Now I am calling this a 'shakedown' for my PCT hike, even though it wasn't a true shakedown. I am still waiting on a few pieces of important gear, but as far as the weight I will be carrying, and what I will mostly have in my pack when I start the PCT, this was a pretty close.

When we got to Bear Valley Center, they informed us the access road into Coast Camp is flooded and the trucks can not get in to service the trash, so they are not allowing any overnight camping there. This gave us the option of staying at Wildcat camp for 2 nights. So we hiked nearly 9 miles in, set up camp, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. The next morning we got up and set out for a day hike working along the lakes overlooking the ocean on the Coastal Trail. We made our way down towards Palomarin beach and ended up taking the trail to the top of Alamere falls. Alamere falls is actually a 'tidefall' which is a waterfall that empties directly into the ocean. At the top of the falls, there are 3 mini falls that lead down into the main fall. Around the side, someone has affixed a rope to help you lower yourself down the ocean cliff on to the beach, for an easy mile long stroll up the coast back to Wildcat camp.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

down jacket + + disc golf = pretty good tuesday...

Well, like I may or may not have mentioned, I am training the way that I probably should be, or really on any workout program. I have already sort of grown tired walking by Folsom Lake like I have been doing recently, and I was looking on Google Maps to see how far it was from my house to the Shady Oaks disc golf course in Orangevale that I like to play at. It says that following the roads, the course should only be about 6.5 miles from my house, and since Folsom is such a biker friendly community, we have dozens and dozens of miles of bike-trail through our town, so I was able to jump on the bike trail behind my house. (which pops out directly across from the Folsom Prison entrance.) Long story short, I started at 9 am and and after a quick break for a bite and and water at, made it to the disc golf course around 11:30. I played my round of disc golf, which is another 2.5 miles walking, then headed home. I left the course around 2:15 and stepped back into my house at 5:00 pm. 15+ miles round-trip with a 10-12# pack. My feet and ankles were sore, and I blame that mostly from having to walk on pavement much of the day. No blisters. Good day indeed.

On Tuesday, I was feeling lazy and didn't feel like walking to the course again, so I drove. My feet were still pretty sore, but I knew I had to at least put some more miles on them. I played 3 rounds of disc golf. Each round is between 2 to 2.5 miles, so I generously rounded up and counted 7+ miles on Tuesday. By then end of the third round, my feet were pretty damn sore, and I was ready to go home and rest.

When I got home, FedEx had dropped off a  HUGE and HEAVY box  from the folks at waiting for me with HUNDREDS of nutritional and healthy organic protein bars for my hike. 20 lbs worth of protein bars, in 5 flavors. Each bar is about 1.5" by 1.5" and packs 100 calories. Pretty tasty. These are gonna help me SO MUCH throughout the days when I am stuck eating gorp and what not to keep me going strong.

As I was opening my knife to cut the box of protein bars, the doorbell rang. UPS was there with my new down jacket!!! What a day! Finally my down jacket was here. It had been here before, but was just a little to snug, so I sent it back for one size bigger, and now it is all mine!!! I went with the Cordillera down jacket. In my favorite color of forest green. GOOD WEEK SO FAR!!

Just over 2 months until the PCT is my home....

Monday, February 6, 2012

it has been a while...not much happening...

Well I haven't posted anything in a while. I haven't had too much to report on. I haven't been doing to much since I have most of the logistics for the hike settled. It is just a matter of being able to get the stuff I am still in need of. I still need to get most of my food. I have been putting this off until closer, simply because even though most stuff I will be getting is shelf-stable, I still want the most fresh stuff. I also still need some gear, nothing major, well I am still waiting on the down quilt from Wilderness Logics. I received my down jacket, and it was too small, so it has been sent back and I am now waiting for the new, larger one. I also received my Tyvek ground cloth. So most of the stuff is coming together.

I have been doing some minor training. Nothing like i should be doing, but i have at least been getting some miles on my feet. Since January 1st, I think i have logged about 50-75 miles. It should be much more, with some cardio thrown in there, but hey, sometimes I am just too damn lazy. Something this hike should take care of quickly.

Still looking for the guitar sponsorship!! I really would like to take a travel-acoustic on the trail, and would love to have one now to take on my training hikes and make some little videos and post them here....hopefully soon folks, hopefully soon. i know how much you all love seeing my ugly mug sing songs on the YouTube...

until next time....