Monday, October 22, 2012

So Many Thanks....

I have so many people to thank, and if I have left you off here I am truly sorry, it's been an amazing six months, so much that certain details have already started to evade my memory. THANK YOU TO: My parents, Keith and Toyka, and Alesia for endlessly allowing me to be me, and supporting my decisions, for showing me your love and making me feel how proud I made you. Such a great feeling. My brother Casey, for your hard work and dedication to helping me with re-supply and always being a rock in my life. Keep up the great work, you are an excellent father and role model for Donovan. Dana, for opening your heart to me, and for showing me how to be happy again, making me feel good about myself and what I have to offer the world. And the kisses. All the kisses. Sara, for being such an amazing, giving, and strong person. Your toughness inspires us all. I am so glad to call you one of my best friends in this world. Jason W, for being there, opening your heart and life to me, helping me get in touch with some major skills for coping, dealing with, and moving past tough situations in life. Our talks have helped shape me into a more well rounded person and I am forever thankful. Cpt. James (zZz), for being a friend, for making me feel like this WAS something I can accomplish from the very beginning. You are awesome bro, and I miss you a lot. Scott and Paul, for being such amazing guys, so open, you were there for me when I needed you, you made sure that I was on the right path, and were instrumental in regaining some confidence that was lost long ago. Thanks for pushing me, for having confidence in me, I owe you two big. DIP and Becky, you saved me two times from some serious heat. You opened your home and family to me like I was your own blood. I will never forget it. You are truly part of my trail family and I can not wait to see you awesome folks in the future. The Coffmans, for being my friends, supporting me endlessly regardless of how good of a friend I may or may not have been for sometime now. I owe you guys many thanks as well as some apologies for not always being the best of friend I could have. Lynne and Phil, for sticking with me, supporting my decisions from day 1 and always being solid. I miss you two and the family dinners more than you could ever realize. THE PINKSTONS, Summer, Zack, Aaron, for being 3 of the best friends a guy could have. You three make me so happy and proud to be your friend, and I look forward to spending so much more time creating amazing memories with you three. Thanks for making me feel like another sibling. You are such an amazing group. and to all the other hikers, angels, friends, family who have followed, for opening your homes, or giving rides, or who have lend me kind words of support, liked or commented on my site here or on facebook, who have texted, called, wrote, or made me feel like what i was doing was something special. none of this could have been accomplished without all of you. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world with so many amazing people in my life. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. KRISTO

well, now I am done and onto something else...

I have needed to wrap this up for the last week now, but have been putting it off. I don't like this feeling that this part of my life is over. I learned and experienced so much in the last six months, and for the last year my entire life has sort of revolved around planning for, and executing a thru-hike of the PCT. Well I am so proud to say I have accomplished what I set out to do. I hiked from Mexico to Canada in just under six months. I met so many amazing people. I lost over 60 pounds while getting into the best shape of my life. I found a new zest for life that was seriously missing before. I learned a lot about myself and what makes me happy. I have to thank everyone who has followed along, supported, donated, and helped me out along the way. If it wasn't for you amazing people, I guarantee that this would not have been possible for me to accomplish. There were many trying, stressful, crazy situations that arose, but the trail was always there, to help me get back on track, in the right direction. Through sickness, heartache, physical struggles, mental breakdowns, I always knew there were people who were jealous, envious, thankful, appreciative, proud, wishful, a whole number of emotions, that wished they could be right there with me, struggling, and that is truly what helped power me on the hard days. So thanks to each and every one of you who contacted me and let me know I was in your thoughts. To my friends who actually stayed in contact, wondered how I was doing and if there was anything they could do to help be a part of this adventure. To my family for allowing me to be me, to follow my dreams, to choose my own path and to show that I am a little bit crazy, a little unique and capable of being happy without falling into a societal routine that seems to get me down and needing more out of life that working for a paycheck. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. As to what is next, I am still struggling to find what that is, or where I want that to be. I am currently looking for work, in a few different locations. I would love to keep traveling, to keep experiencing new things, meeting new people on a daily basis. The transition back into a life not spent on the trail is proving to be another test. A test I wasn't quite expecting to be so tough, but it is a test nonetheless and I know I have the skill set now to pass and be able accomplish whatever it is that I put my mind to.... Thank you all for following along. And please keep checking my site for updates and to see what I am up to, what gear and trails I am conquering now that this is over, to see what my next adventures are and the ones after that and the ones after that.... Peace, Love. Kristo

Monday, October 8, 2012

Stehekin, 80 miles left.

Well, it's almost over. Only 4 more hiking days and this PCT journey will be behind me. It's nearly time because it is getting COLD. Last night was around the mid to low 20's through the night, but I am still a happy guy these days because lately my hiker family has been so great. Mainly because I have been hiking with 2 lovey ladies for nearly 600 miles now, Damsel (dana) and her awesome dog Lucy. We met at Big Lake in Oregon and have walked every mile together since. It is going to be hard to leave them when the hike is done and we return to our 'off-trail' lives a thousand miles apart. That is making this last week much more difficult. Not to mention all the other cool friends I have made in Oregon and Washington like Trip-le Hands, Hollywood, Extra Credit and her bf Cactus, Shakespeare, Navi, Bloodbank, the Up-Chucks, knees, Natty, Sunshine and T-Rex, Hotwing, G, xana and panorama, pebbles and Magellan, so many awesome and amazing folks along the way. So proud and happy to be part of this hiker community.
And speaking of falling for things, I fell SO HARD on the trail 2 days ago. Going downhill, I lost my footing, and slammed hard to the ground ~ face first. To this day, my worst hiking injury. I sprained my right thumb really bad falling on it, it is about 2x normal size and tender to the touch, not to mention the swollen/blackened right eye and cuts I was left with as well. I think I have fallen close to 10 times while hiking this year, but this was by far the worst. I must have been laying there in the trail for what seemed like 10 minutes picking dirt and pine needles from my eye socket and spitting dirt from my mouth before even realizing my right hand felt pretty much useless. I had to then scramble to catch up with Damsel to get some ibuproferen from her. What a day. I proceeded to fall once more that day (in the mud)!plus tore all newly sewn areas on my clothes and well, let's just say it was a 'tough' day. D and L always seem to make everything better and all the little things seem insignificant and minute, I was able to laugh it off and enjoy the rest of my evening thanks to them.

I can't believe it is only 80 miles left! Insane! It's been so long since I started this in April. I am ready for THIS adventure to be over, but totally ready for the next one to begin. I wonder where or what it will be....


10 more days...

Well I just spent 2 days at the Dinsmore's hiker haven in Baring/Skykomish, and both Jerry and Andrea are amazing people. This was our last real relaxing stop before finishing, and right now there is one amazing group of hikers about to finish. There were almost 20 hikers at the haven ready to start their last 10 days of hiking towards the border.
It has been getting bitterly cold recently, and the days are getting shorter, but since we are so close to Canada and the end, it's time to just get it done, regardless of the variables.
In other news, I have heard that the Sun has been pretty active recently and that with the clear conditions, it may be possible to see the northern lights here in the next couple weeks as well. That is most definitely on my bucket list, so it would be rad to experience that as part of my last few memories of this 2012 PCT journey...
So, as I type this I am 170 miles from Monument 78 on the U.S - Canadian border, and 178 until I am done hiking....some exciting stuff coming up soon for me!!

Thanks for all the support and for following along!!


Thursday, September 27, 2012


With only 265 miles left, tonight we rest in Snoqualmie Pass!!! Only 3 more sections of trail, 75, 100, and 90
miles long. Insane, it has all came to an ending so quickly. I have hiked nearly 680 miles in the last 30 days, with the 3 days of 0 miles in that time, and a few near-o's (less than 10 miles) I averaged over 25 miles a day while hiking. Luckily, I am hiking with some of the most awesome hiker family one could have hoped to find out here! Damsel and her lovely dog Lucy, Cactus and Extra Credit, Edward Triple Hands (trip) from NZ, Hollywood, Shakespeare, as well as Knees, Natty, and of course Bloodbank!! Thank you all for being so amazing!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Washington. Is. Cold.

Well this crazy long hike is finally wrapping up. I am about halfway through Washington and I have loved every moment of hiking in Oregon and Washington this far. I am hiking as efficient as ever, if I could start this whole hike over right now, I could probably do it in a huge amount less time, but I love the pace I am at right now. Hiking with some amazing people has made this part of the hike truly fantastic. I am a very lucky guy. Pretty soon this will all be over, which is sort of surreal, but it is time. While I am not ready for the adventure 'bug' to end, my time on this trail is quickly coming to an end, it's getting cold and gonna get wet here really soon. I am not really sure what is next, but I guess I am about to find out pretty soon what direction I will be heading instead of North. I am excited for the coming months and spending the holidays catching up and spending time with my family and friends....

Seasons are changing.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some pics...

Here are the pictures I took in Oregon. Unfortunately, I broke my digital camera near Lake Tahoe, and have yet to replace it. The camera I am interested in isn't really on the cheap side. So, until then, I hope you enjoy these iPhone pics... Most of them have been posted on Facebook before.

Oregon was amazing by the way. The hiking was a breeze and the volcanos and views were off the charts. Not to mention Crater Lake. Other highlights were Mt. Thielsen, the Three Sisters (north, middle, and south) Mt. Jefferson and Jefferson Park, Three Fingered Jack, and of course Mt. Hood...


Sorry for the hiatus. Good news is that I have completed the Oregon and California sections of the hike. I now only have about 470 miles of hiking left. I am finally in Washington and less than a month away from my moment at the monument.
Mostly all I can say about Oregon is that it was absolutely fantastic. From Crater Lake, to the 3 Sisters, Mt. Thielsen, Mt. Washington, Mt. Hood and Jefferson. Oh and the amazing Tunnel Falls. Oregon has been so kind and gentle as far as the hiking:views ration goes, and I have met some amazing people while being reconnected with a few from way earlier on in the hike . I have been having so much fun and the trail community is as amazing as ever. I have been connected with some absolutely stellar trail angels, and received some magic in the most amazing of places. Huge thanks to Joe Shelley (shrek) for his capacity to endlessly keep helping and hosting us hikers in his haven that is 'Shrek's Swamp' in Cascade Locks. Also thanks to Corrinna(sp?) and Pat for the ride down to the post office to help in making sure I was there before they closed, and for returning my phone I had left in their car! Thanks for everything folks!


Monday, August 27, 2012

I am back...

Back on the trail. I believe all sickness is behind me and now I am only a few days from Crater Lake. I am now hiking in Oregon and Cali is in the rear-view...
Time to make up some ground and get this thing done! Thanks for all the kind words, help and support from all of you kind people !!

Hope you're having a great summer...


Monday, August 13, 2012

Still not feeling quite right...

I've hikes a hundred miles since I got really sick, but I am still not quite right. Every morning I've been waking up with stomach pains and flu like conditions. Somedays it goes away quickly, Somedays it's a grind. I wish I could eat nothing but fruits and veggies, they always help my stomach settle, but it's an impossible mission on the trail. We are also in the midst of a punishing heat-wave that has the temps at or above 100 degrees for the next few days still...ugh...I am gonna take it easy, but this state is almost in the rear view and I am excited to make it out of Cali and into Oregon...
Gonna meet up with my mom in Ashland in a week and a half, so I need to get moving...
Hope all is well with you folks.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

morning talk....

Me: ....ugh....hiking...blech...

Beard: well lets go get a job....


Beard: feed me....(nom nom nom)

Me: Beard you have no idea how fast I could get rid of you...

Beard: get rid of me you? already pull like 100 hairs of me out a day!! What gives man???

Me: watch it dude!!

Beard: so do you think i had anything to do with that bear running away so fast yesterday?

Me: no doubt beard, no doubt! Good

Beard: and did you see that lady with a beard yesterday? Weird right??

Me: I love you beard!

Beard: I love you too... (nom nom nom) ...I am glad were hiking again...we should catch up with that Blood Bank character....

Me: you're hella smart for only being 3 months beard...let's get going, we have at least 25 miles to do today...

Beard: I'm still hungry....

Sunday, August 5, 2012

DIP, Becky, and Blood Bank to the rescue....again....

Well I finally had my biggest trail snag thus far, getting food poisoning or some bug on the trail. It led to some major dehydration and me needing to be off the trail for a few days. Luckily, DIP and his wife and children happened to be at Burney Falls SP and came and rescued me from Old Station where I was in hot, miserable shape. What an amazing trail angel family. They took me to their camp and filled me up with drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables, and got me feeling a ton better. They live real close to mile marker 350 and took me in when I was just a month into this adventure, and gave a group of us some much needed time off from the desert, and the timing then couldn't have been any better, just like this time! What a great time it was seeing them and spending time with the whole family. It was the best thing that could have happened when I was feeling that horrible. So once again, right when I've thought the trail has gotten the best/worst of me, something or someone is there to keep my head on straight and keep my spirits up! What a great adventure this last three months has been, I hope it continues forever. For reals.
I am feeling a bit better today, looking to get back to hiking solid once my buddy Wolverine catches up with my wallet...definitely needed today off as well!

Thanks for all the kind words of support and concern, all you amazing people are mostly what keep me going everyday. Knowing so many of you are wishing you could be in my shoes makes me feel so fortunate for living this 'on the road' lifestyle. It is so amazing and fulfilling, so thank you all so much, truly.


Friday, August 3, 2012


left my wallet in Chester....seriously a bonehead move. Must have been in some sort of coma. On the upside, Hee-Haw, Swiss-Army and myself got some insider info on a old fashioned ice cream shoppe/counter. After the malt, we hit up a great Chinese place.

So the wallet was found, I called they had it, my buddy Wolverine (wolverinePCT.blogspot) behind me picked it up and I just have to wait for him to catch up to get it back to me. Major crisis averted. Meanwhile, I am at an awesome place in Lassen National Park, Drakesbad Guest Ranch, a mineral hot-springs and resort. Super hiker friendly, free showers, laundry, and swimming, super cheap food!!!
There are some crazy boiling sulfuresque pools nearby, and air pockets venting gases, crazy stuff hiking next to so much volcanic terrain instead of granite....effin' good times!!

Hat Creek Rim is up next, the major waterless section in nor*cal. Should be no biggie, I am gonna hit that hot stretch like a bullet from a .45 and. Hike through the night I think. Back to night hikes looking out for rattlers...and pumas...

it's heating up, so stay cool

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chips Fire

The Chips Fire which is just North of BeldenTown, began the day before I arrived there. Initial reports were that it was 25 acres and would shut down the 45 mile section of trail between Hw70 in Belden and Hw36/89 near Chester for only 3-4 days. I was able to walk a forest road/highway walk alternative that connected me back on the PCT after about 35 miles, but road walking sucks and can be dangerous. Other hikers behind me were not so fortunate to have another way around the fire to walk, as the fire has now grown to over 1000 acres and they have shut down all roads and trails in that area to foot traffic. For the ' 'purist' hikers this is a real bummer because they choose to walk 100%of the way, border to border, no rides where Pct miles are counted for. This closure forces them to hitch or use public transportation to get around it, skip 45 miles of hiking, and we have missed the actual PCT midway marker. Oh well. For me it is the summer of my life, learning so much, meeting great people and loving the life on the road lifestyle. So, I've made it around the fire area, I am near Mt. Lassen and booking North...I am only a couple days behind a few hikers from my old 'bubble' so hopefully I can catch em sooner than later!!!
Today it's Drakesbad Guest Ranch, tomorrow, it's Old Station for a package, then it's on through the Hat Creek Rim en route to Burney Falls, then Dunsmuir, Etna, Seiad Valley and it's SO LONG CALI!!! Oregon is coming up quick and I can't wait for Cali to be in the rear view....

Thanks folks, I love ya

so much thanks... the universe, and everyone and everything in it. Life has been really good lately. Great family, friends, and trail. I sometimes forget to remember that it may not be so great for others, and I hope you all can find something that always makes you happy and try to focus on that whenever you are feeling down...
A great quote that I received in a txt today (I love knowing such great people) says : "when you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead." - Hemingway

I hope you all have a TON of fun doing something you love this week...make a point of it!

Peace and Love

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sierra City, finally!!

Well I have finally made it through the vortex that was 'home'. From Hw 88 > Hw49 in Sierra City is roughly 130 miles and it took me 19 days to pass through it! Granted it only took me about 7.5 days of actually hiking, the rest of the time was spent making awesome memories with some of the most awesome people in my life! I got to see most of my family, and (only) some of my great friends.
I was able go to the ocean, through Berkley, San Francisco,
and most the way to Santa Cruz on the PCH. Another day ripe with great conversations and good times! (thanks again Lauren)
I had a hell of a time at a pizza dinner catching up with about 10>15 great friends! Thanks for coming to all who showed. Matt and Jason and I rocked a few bars after that happened, and I was also able to have a great day relaxing at Folsom Lake. (thanks again Kat)
Breakfast at Sweetie Pies with my favorite moose Summertime, some biscuits and gravy have never done this hungry-hiker wrong...
The trail magic and BBQ my parents put together before I got back on the trail was epic! It's great to be able to share something with them on this adventure that they could feel part of as well. Thanks grams, dad, Alesia, Kristen, Bro Case, doug and Pam! That was awesome, and I can't thank you enough!!!
Once I got back on the trail, I wasn't heading far because I was getting right back off the trail in Truckee to catch up with an old friend from high school. Megan hosted and showed me one hell of a time in Truckee! Chilling out at Donner Lake with the dogs, floating down the Truckee river in the downpour/sunshine, great talks over dinner, a little jamming, every moment was so special and inspiring. A truly 'good for the soul' time indeed...It was such a treat and couldn't have been any better. So thank you Megan, you are amazing.

It's unreal to me how many awesome, deep, philosophical conversations I have been having in the last three months. It's truly amazing to me how something so simple as hiking all day has made me such a better/happier person, and how it seems to inspire so many people to strive for happiness as well! I could easily have got off the trail at many points, but I know how many people are intrigued and inspired by what I am doing, that it gives me reason to keep going everyday. I don't know what is in store for me when I am done with this hike, where I'll land, live, love, but I do know I have about 1465 miles left to figure it out. Thus far I have walked 1200, so mileage wise I am not quite half way, however time wise I am certainly half way. My pace will be sped up for sure, I have a ton of hiker family a week or two ahead of me I need to see again, so I will be trying to realistically and safely catch up...hopefully by Oregon/Washington border.

So, I think that's about it for now, I hope you all are enjoying your summer!!!!

I'd also like to give a shout out to all the trail angels and awesome day hikers I have shared conversations with along the way who I may have directed to this site....The ladies climbing out of Donner Pass who gave me fruit and beer, and the awesome people I met at the P.Grubb hut~ thanks for the good conversations and memories!!

Until another moment in time...