Sunday, December 11, 2011

my 'top 5' and the pct

here are a few random, off the top of my head top five lists for this hike...

top 5 things i am excited about ~
  • getting in the best shape of my life
  • camping for 5 months straight, in a new spot every single night.
  • meeting new friends, that i will be bonded with forever, and trail angels/magic
  • following an outdoor, non-societal norm, vagabond type lifestyle
  • the unknown. the little indescribable things that no book, blog, picture or person can capture...
top 5 worries ~
  •  injury
  • food/nutrition taking care of my body
  • large groups of ravenous thru-hikers
  • being too much of a burden/dependee on my gf & family
  • what to do when i am done.  i have time to figure it out on the trail.....
top 5 cravings i expect  ~
  • freezing cold soda and energy drinks
  • gorging on food, pizza buffets, sushi rolls, pollo asado burritos
  • flannel sheets, down comforter, warm girlfriend
  • milkshakes
  • lemonade
top 5 places i can not wait to see, that i have NEVER seen before ~
  • crater lake
  • lake chelan
  • the high sierra & the john muir trail/pct overlap
  • lake moreno & adzpctko
  • monument 78 (northern terminal pct)
top 5 places i can not wait to see that i HAVE seen before ~
  • yosemite national park
  • lake tahoe
  • mt whitney
  • mt shasta/castle crags
  • columbia river- (while i have seen the river itself plenty, not where it actually crosses with the pct)

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