Monday, December 12, 2011


alright, i am trying not to freak out about gear. i still need a few things. a LOT of a few things as i start making mental notes of what i still need to get. i am hoping, after our little holiday season, some of this list will dwindle, and then start falling off faster and faster soon after...

major things i still need ~
  • down sleeping bag
  • down jacket
  • shoes
consumables i still need (not food) ~
  • jet boil fuel (i plan on using about 20 canisters i would imagine)
  • bulk supply of ibuprofen
  • bio-tp and 'wag bags'
  • batteries
  • bandanas (i plan on getting new ones pretty often)
  • bulk box of 1 gallon zip-lock freezer bags (250 count)
things i would like, don't really need,  but would still be nice to have ~
  • polarized sunglasses
  • watch w/temp reading (altimeter would be nice too)
 minor gear items i still need or may choose to use ~
  • a couple more pairs of socks
  • dry sacks for storing gear inside my pack
  • rain pack cover (probably make my own)
  • gossamer gear foam mat 
  • sturdy, small, pocket sized notebook for jotting notes (moleskine) thx kolby :-P

i am sure there is more and i will probably take less. this is just some thoughts off my head i have been meaning to get down on paper, so i figure i'd make a post about it and let you folks inside my brain a little bit...

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